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  • A Specialized Network of Trainers

    Available Through Planet Pooch

    Dogs are at their best and most fun when they’re trained well. Expand your dog’s universe with training from the Planet Pooch network of specialized, highly-qualified trainers. Cerena Zutis, Trainer and Certified Behavior Counselor for Dogs, leads the Planet Pooch training programs. Whether it’s a puppy social, competition training, or full boarding training, we’ve got a trainer and program that’s perfect for you and your pooch.

    Puppy Social

    Essential puppy socialization.

    Problem Solving

    Harness your pooch’s brain power.

    Good Manners

    Your dog will say please and thank you.

    Boarding Training

    One-on-one, multi-day & overnight training.

    Nose Work

    Train your pooch to use their nose.

    Puppy Training

    The smart start for a canine socialite.

    Search & Rescue

    Liberate your pooch's inner lifesaver.


    Coach the competitive spirit of your pooch.

  • An All-Star Training Team

    The Planet Pooch training network connects you to every kind of training you can imagine. From beginner dog training to specialized nose work and competition training, we’ve scoured the Bay Area to find the best trainers for you and your pooch. Our talented trainers are excited to train your pooch to enable a secure and exciting relationship for you both.

    Lisa Ann Carlson

    Location: Redwood City

    Lisa Ann Carlson is a certified dog trainer with honors from The Academy for Dog Trainers at the SFSPCA. She specializes in puppy and adult beginner obedience and also trains dogs with fear and under-socialization issues. She has an intuitive understanding of canine body language and uses positive reinforcement methods that incentivize dogs to behave well for reward, not punishment.

    Cerena Zutis

    Location: Redwood City

    Cerena Zutis is a certified behavior counselor and teacher for dogs. Her philosophy is that the canine-human bond is an incredible interspecies relationship that should be nurtured. She uses a positive reinforcement training style, focusing on the individual strengths of each dog to bring out the best in dog and owner.

    Naomi Sims

    Location: South San Francisco

    Naomi Sims empowers dog owners to make a difference in their dog’s life by creating a long-term human-dog relationship. She believes the learning process should be a delight for both the dog and owner. Naomi specializes in animal communication and interrelationships between the dog and its environment. She teaches puppy and beginner dog training at our South San Francisco location.

  • Our Trainers Stand By

    To sign up for training programs, check schedules, or for general questions regarding dog training at Planet Pooch, contact our trainer, Cerena Zutis at (650) 924-0577. Or click the button below for her website directly.

  • Join Our Extended Universe

    When we’re not cuddling, playing fetch, or giving generous pets to your adorable pooch, we enjoy interacting with you, hearing your stories, and showing off our new canine guests as they bound around Planet Pooch. Check us out on Facebook to check in, or see our available rescue dogs. When you have time, give us a review on Yelp and help more pooches enjoy their universe.